What is a Blog??

Blogging – As an Educational Tool
**Classroom uses of Weblogs (Blogging)**
• Reflect on your teaching and learning experiences
• Write a description of a specific teaching unit
• Provide tips for parents to extend learning at home
• Post class-related information such as calendars, events, home work, and other important information
• Post assignments based on literature readings and have students respond in their own blogs, creating a portfolio of their work
• Post prompts for writing
• Post samples of class work
• Encourage students to post responses to your posts – maybe an online reading is suitable for your students to read and react to
• Post photos and comment on class activities
• Invite students to post comments to give them a writing voice
• Showcase student artwork, writing, poetry
• Create a dynamic teaching and learning site which contains discussions, pictures, ideas, activities, links to additional information
• Create online literature circles (groups of students read and discuss the same book)
• Build a class newsletter, using student written articles and photos they take
• Link your class with another class somewhere else in the world.
• Post results of surveys they have taken in class
• Have students create their own blogs to complete class writing assignments
• Create an ongoing portfolio sample of their work
• Pretend they are a character in a book you are reading and set up a blog as that character – reacting to the events in the story
• Students could respond to current events and daily news
• Discuss activities done in class and their opinion of them and the learning that took place
//**10 Hints that make for successful blogging**//

There are many tutorials for creating edublogs and all the different obstacles you may encounter if you are a first time user. I suggest you Google the questions as you go along. I do not want to confuse you by giving you too much information right from the start so take a look at this simple PDF on how to get started. The actual site has very useful help applications as well.

Edublog (Getting Started)

**Setting up an Edublog in PDF format**

Goto Edublog and Get Started!!

Another useful tutorial site is by Dean Shareski on his class Wiki