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Our world in which we live is revolving at a fast pace. In the area of technology, vast transformations have occurred in many classrooms across the world. With the potential to connect to subject matter experts, to other students and teachers of different ethnic backgrounds free of charge, a person wonders “why are we not more social and open with our classroom time when it comes to education?” Why is this dominant ideology about “controlled education” still prevalent in our teaching patterns? Should we as educators not reflect the world we live in today? Should we not be teaching our students how to successfully interact with the world around us with the tools that are readily available? I believe it is our duty as teachers to climb out of our comfort zones and engage the world together with our classrooms. I think it is time to have a different look at education. Learning how to fully utilize social-networking technology is at first uncomfortable I’m sure but the positives far out weigh the negatives. Kids already know how to utilize technology to be socially connected. Let’s teach them about the power that can be harnessed using that same concept for acquiring knowledge. Imagine how fun learning could be! The following PowerPoint presentation could be the beginning of a whole new world, in fact, it could put the world in the hands of your students.

Proposal in a Nutshell

Now it is up to you! Follow the links to the left to find out more about the Social Networking and Story Telling Applications. ImagineHow Fun Learning Will Be!!

Created by Shari Fender
for ECMP 355 Fall 2009
Final Project
University of Regina
Professor Dean Shareski